FFP2 NR Respirator Rockman 7222

  • FFP2 NR Respirator Rockman 7222

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    Class: FFP2 

  • Class: FFP2

    Brand: Rockman
    Model: 7222

    Included carbon filter protects from welding smoke, dust, humidity and from organic steam and ozone.
    Layer edges welded using ultrasound.
    Filter material withstands temperatures from -30 C° to +70 C° and high humidity.
    Breathing valve prevents moisture and heat buildup.
    Special external layer impregnation increases fire resistance.

    Made from non-flammable materials.

    1. Hold the respirator with the nose clip upwards. Let the elastic headband hang and open the mask.
    2. Put the mask on your mouth and nose, wrap the elastic band around your head.
    3. Press the adjustable nose clip to ensure proper fitment.
    4. To ensure that the mask fits properly, grab the mask with your hands and breath out. If you feel airflow around your nose, adjust the nose clip. If you feel airflow around the edges of the respirator, adjust the elastic headband.