Protective face shield with padding and adjustable rubber

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    Protective face shield with padding and adjustable rubber

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    Made from APET Film plastic.
    Complies with the requirements of EU directives.
    Protection against small particles, easy to breath with.

  • Material:
    APET Film plastic.
    This plastic complies with the requirements of EU directives: 10/2011 / EC, 82/711 / EEC; 85/572 / EEC; 92/39 / EEC; 93/43 / EEC; 94/62 / EC; 1935/2004 / EEC; 2023/2006, and Lithuanian hygiene standard HN 16: 2006 "Purpose of the substance and special conditions of use - intended for direct contact with food".

    Protection against small particles, the panels do not interfere with breathing, it is recommended to wash the panel carefully with soap and water before unpacking the panel and:
    • When worn by an infected person - every 2-3 hours;
    • When worn by an uninfected person - each time it is removed or before fitting.
    Face shields are universal in size, easy to attach, reusable.

    To ensure optimal hygienic conditions, one panel should be worn by the same person.

    For maximum protection for the respiratory tract against the entry of microorganisms dangerous to human health, it is recommended to wear a face shield together with a face mask.