Protective face shields, (10 pcs.)

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    Protective face shields, (10 pcs.)

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     Adjustable face shields with additional padding in the forehead. Reusable.

  • Features:
    The shield presses firmly to the forehead.
    Does not squeeze the head, because of the additional padding in the forehead.
    Holds firmly, does not lose weight, does not flutter.
    Adjustable according to the size of the head.
    The face shield can be disinfected and cleaned for a second use.
    Protective face shields are an effective and convenient means of preventing airborne droplets from entering the nose, mouth and eyes.

    Protective shields also save from frequent and involuntary touching of the face, during which dirt on the hands can be transferred to the face.

    The face shields are universally sized, lightweight, easy to fasten and, unlike goggles, maintain a distance between the eyes and the shield.
    The panels protect against sweating and moisture accumulation, and do not interfere with work.
    The panels made of high-quality plastic are transparent, light-transmitting, ensure good visibility, and are suitable for use with glasses.
    Easy to clean, has good resistance to shocks, physical and chemical damage.

    To ensure optimal hygienic conditions, one panel should be worn by the same person.

    For maximum protection for the respiratory tract against the entry of microorganisms dangerous to human health, it is recommended to wear a face shield together with a face mask.